Friday, December 19, 2008

Plaxico Burress: Ask Questions First, Shoot Later.

By The Funkadelic Relic

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Ever since the story about Plaxico Burress shooting himself in a New York City nightclub hit the news and Mayor Bloomberg got on TV proclaiming that Burress would "go to prison" for shooting himself had me thinking about the situation that Burress is in now every time I heard about him on the radio, read about him in the newspaper or internet and saw reports about his pending suspension from the NFL and of course, how much money he would lose because of his failure to procure a registered firearm with the proper permit to conceal and carry it on him.

Plaxico Burress will not play for the Giants for the rest of the season. He has been suspended without pay, fined and placed on the reserve list for a nonfootball injury.

The injury, a self-inflicted gunshot wound, occurred early Saturday morning at a nightclub in Manhattan. Along with other previous violations of team rules, Burress has displayed “conduct detrimental to the team,” the Giants said.

The decision is the latest in a downward spiral for Burress, an elite wide receiver who caught the winning touchdown pass in last season’s Super Bowl and signed a five-year, $35 million contract hours before the season opener.

Previously this season, Burress was suspended for one game and for two weeks of practice after missing a mandatory team meeting. He was held out of the first quarter of another game as punishment for missing a required medical treatment.

*Listen to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg*

Video source: AssociatedPress

*Burress Suspended*

Video Source: CBS

*New details emerge about Burress shooting

Video source: AssociatedPress

It's interesting how the news media covered this story about a famous NFL athlete shooting himself and the New York City Police Department killing an unarmed citizen in the middle of a busy street and NOT going to prison at all.

Yes, the Sean Bell incident immediately came to mind. 50 shots. Unarmed. Police aquitted on all charges. The coverage of that incident was totally different. I don't remember Bloomberg making any comments at that time about this particular incident where guns were discharged over 50 times and left one man dead. They said that even the testimony given by Sean Bell's friends were "unbelievable". I BELIEVE that at the scene of this crime. Yes it was clearly a crime. There was NOT one weapon found that belonged to or was possessed by Sean Bell or his friends so why did the police shoot him so many times? It may seem like these two incidents are unrelated, but they aren't. They both happened in New York City and resulted in a court case. Which Plaxico Burress certainly will get. A court case.


At least the players union is backing Plaxico up. He is innocent until proven guilty...or is he? It was only a few short years ago this guy was in East Lansing, Michigan catching touchdown passes for the Michigan State Spartans and I won't even mention how things were going for him this time last yearin New York City and everybody seemed to love him. How quickly things change in America and yet, they remain the same....

We can't discount the impact of all of the shootings, robberies and home invasions of NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball players over the last few years. It's open season on the rich and famous and cats are going by the credo..."I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6." Like the American Express Card...they are not leaving home without their guns.

*Notice that the mainstream news media isn't reporting about the players who are being robbed, kidnapped, carjacked and shot as much as they report about Michael Vick, O.J., Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark I need to continue?*

Let's review this again. Plaxico Burress was arrested for shooting himself..nobody was hurt except him and he could potentially lose millions of dollars and go to prison.

The NYPD fired at Amadou Diallo 41 times, and fired at Sean Bell and two of his friends 50 times (that's 91 total shots if you are keeping track)...both Bell and Diallo are dead and both of the men that were with Sean Bell were injured and not one New York Police Officer went to prison. None of 'em. . . .

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

I forgot to add the fact that Sean Bell was going to get later on that same day and left behind two small children and his fiancee, Nicole Paultre.

So I'm sure a lot of you watched the Super Bowl last year and when New York did the Patriots in you certainly had an what do you think about this?

*Peep the video*


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